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"I had no idea you were here" has been said by many who walked in our front door.  Or "I didn't realize you were so big" has been heard many, many times from our auto dealer customers.  Have a quick peek and see for yourself.  We are just off Manchester Road, by Uncle Bill's, in Manchester.  63021.

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​Unavi is a unique aftermarket product that truly integrates with the factory setup, which offers the retention of all OEM features.  It adds touchscreen LCD, external USB drive to allow media file playback (movies, photos), rearview camera input and an optional real-time traffic display.  Since all features are retained, any features the vehicle originally had will remain the same after the Unavi system is installed. This means Unavi does not add features such as Bluetooth or Voice Recognition if they were not included from factory to begin with.

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​Unavi is a unique aftermarket product that truly integrates with the factory setup, which offers the retention of all OEM features.  It adds touchscreen LCD, external USB drive to allow media file playback (movies, photos), rearview camera input and an optional real-time traffic display.  Since all features are retained, any features the vehicle originally had will remain the same after the Unavi system is installed. This means Unavi does not add features such as Bluetooth or Voice Recognition if they were not included from factory to begin with.

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The 2016 St Louis Auto Show was absolutely abuzz with activity.  We thought it was our best show ever.  Auto Trim Restyling and DALO Motoring teamed up to form Aftermarket Alley, 8000 square feet, right inside the dome.  Check out this cool video - click to enjoy the sound: 

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Service Bulletin, the Problem:

​As the spring hale season blew in and out, so too did the hoards of PDR gypsies. Whether you deal with reputable local companies or the wayward wandering storm chasers, there's one thing we can all agree on: there's no faster way to destroy a vehicle's headliner, pillar trim, plastic fasteners, overhead video system, or sunroof electronics than having an untrained PDR technician root around or tear into your headliner to fix dents in the roof. 

Every year ATR fields more than our share of calls related to PDR headliner damage, here's what we've found that may be helpful to you and save a lot of headaches. 


1.) If dents are to be fixed on your vehicle's roof, an insurance rider for removal and installation (R&I) of your headliner, or overhead video system ought to be addressed with your claims adjuster. 

2.) Removal of the vehicle's trim, headliner, and video system will ensure full access to the roof skin by your PDR service personnel. This easy communication with the claim's adjuster will avoid any PDR accidental damage, along with further dissatisfaction and inconvenience.

3.) Where broken fasteners, damaged pillar trim, or any other headliner issue arises, the PDR recently done is likely to blame. Get an independent estimate of damage, and repair costs. This can then be addressed with the PDR company. 

ATR is happy to assist with headliner R&I associated with PDR. ATR Headliner and Trim R&I starts at $339.00. Please call for vehicle specific pricing, or to receive a repair estimate of your vehicle's PDR damage.


​"With decades of experience and extensive training, even the best sunroof technicians who remove and install headliners all day every day occasionally have difficulty with today's intricate and complicated headliners, clips, trim, sunroofs, overhead video systems, rear a/c units, and side curtain airbag R&I. There's likely much more accidental PDR damage than ever gets noticed," Kevin McGowan

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​The Next Generation in Chrome Alloy Wheels

These babies ain't your father's eighties chrome wheels!

We're all familiar with factory alloy wheels and the wide variety of aftermarket chrome, painted, powder coated, and black gloss wheels available for today's new cars. What you may not know is there's an amazing coating process called PVD, Physical Vapor Deposition, that's breathing new life into this seasoned and decades old accessories market.

If you haven't already, you're sure to see these bright chrome and black chrome PVD wheels on our metro streets and highways and at your local St. Louis area new car dealerships starting with many 2015 models.

What makes PVD so special? First, the amazing black chrome finish is one of a kind. No longer are you limited in your choice of just the traditional bright chrome wheels. The black chrome finish, affectionately called Black Ice, gives you the sleek and fast look between your highly polished new paint job and the diamond studded roads you travel between your castle and your dream job.

What about pitting and corrosion on PVD wheels? Auto Trim Restyling and the manufacturer,, have you fully covered. With an industry best 5 year product warranty, our mid-west winters and often salt encrusted roads won't damage your new chrome wheels.

In the market for a new car, or a makeover on your existing ride? Consider the stylish and unique look of bright or black chrome PVD coated wheels. Contact ATR, or your St. Louis new car dealer to view the product. While a set of factory alloy wheels might cost several thousand dollars, your new PVD chrome coating is available on most vehicles for between $1500-2,000.

*Prices subject to change. Availability, delivery, and warranty times vary. All PVD orders and pricing are based on core exchange.

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How many times have you been asked by a client, “How should I take care of my vehicle's leather interior?” If you're a car business veteran, the likely answer is hundreds, or thousands of times. We hope this information on leather care will add some value to your relationship with your client.

While we wash and wax our vehicle's paint to a glowing shine, vacuum its carpet, and clean every smudge from its glass, some of the 253M vehicles on America's roads, those with leather interiors, require a little more attention to sustain their plush, smooth, and comfortable feeling. What's the best way to clean and care for a vehicle's leather interior? What are some of leather's properties we should be mindful of? Which cleaning and condition products work best, and which are harmful?

Leather value, resale

In the age of recycled materials, green manufacturing processes, and the ever changing car sales environment, the organic, once live material that is leather, an animal hide, tanned, dyed, cut, and sewn to exacting specifications, painstakingly installed onto a vehicle's seats, can, over the lifespan of a vehicle, either add to its overall value, or detract from it, depending on how it's cared for.

Unlike manufactured materials, it might be said that leather is still nearly alive; it continues to breath, it can burn, and it quickly takes on the properties of its environment. Through the desperate heat of summer, and the frozen chill of a wintery day, leather is constantly changing. It retains moisture, and loses it just as quickly. It wears from the outside in, and from the inside out. Where sewn, and perforated by a needle and thread, it can become weak, split, or tear. Its dyed surface is susceptible to stains (far less than cloth). It can dry rot and fall apart if not conditioned. Yet, with all its apparent vulnerabilities, leather is perhaps the most durable, most adaptive, and most widely used luxury material in both our homes, and in our much beloved automobiles.

Commonly, damage to leather seating most often occurs from sharp objects, or from ink, while widespread damage, dry rot, cracked, split, or discolored leather, likely occurs from misuse, or lack of proper care. If you've ever looked into the cost of a single seat cover, armrest, or headrest, from your parts department, you know the cost can be quite high, often into hundreds of dollars, while replacing the entire leather seating in a vehicle will cost your customer thousands.

Easy care, 1-2-3

What should you tell your customer the next time you're asked? For starters, everyone should keep ink pens, and sharp objects, out of their back pockets. You'd be amazed at how much ink ends up on a new leather interior, or how easily one's purse, or briefcase, or tablet case, or backpack, with the charming metal adornments scratches or cuts into leather.

Next, an annual, or bi-annual cleaning and condition is recommended. Most people can do this at home. A soft cloth rag with soap and water does the trick quite nicely. Any one of a thousand cleaners might not work as well as soap and water. Here, with aid of a vacuum (soft bristle nozzle, not a hard plastic nozzle), or blown air, the crumbs, dust, or debris which collects in the seat's seams can be removed. Over time, debris caught in a seam acts like a razor within that seam, rubbing, and cutting into the thread and the surface of the leather. When severe damage occurs to a leather seat, it's normally at a seam, where the leather has become weak and the seam separates. It's the leather that usually wears more than the thread of the seam. Vacuuming debris from the seams will help avoid this sort of damage.

The next biggest contributor to leather damage is extended exposure to the sun. The sections most exposed, the top of the rear seat, and any rear headrests, get the most sun. Here, leather will become dry, burned, and shrink. After a good soap and water cleaning, applying a leather conditioner will help ensure leather's sustainability. Any auto parts store carries several leather conditioners, McGuiar's, or Lexol, are two good choices. The entire leather surface of an interior should be conditioned once it's cleaned. Remember that certain portions of an interior are likely vinyl, the back of front seats, skirts, and often headrest sides, or sections of the rear seat. These won't require conditioning as vinyl needs much less care than leather.

Danger, danger!!

Anything that coats, or effectively seals the surface of leather should be avoided. Any wax, or film that may build up from such product's use will not allow the leather surface to breath, and will lead to dry rot. These cleaners or conditioners, which often produce a shiny surface, should always be avoided. So, too, any harsh chemical cleaners which would damage the leather's surface.

You're a smooth smoothie

Alas, when next your customer asks, your answer should be, “Soap and water work great, and you should apply a conditioner once, or twice a year to keep it plush and vibrant. Watch out for pens, and sharp objects, and always vacuum crumbs, and dirt out of the seams.” This will help protect your customer's investment in their new leather interior.

Happy selling!

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A vendor by only one name...

Who installs aftermarket accessories, leather, sunroofs, mobile video, heated seats, electronics, and window tint for your dealership? How did you choose to do business with them? What separates one company from another? What value does your new, or pre-owned, client realize when you have the best vendor for your aftermarket upgrades? Is your client getting the best products, at the best overall cost, with the best warranty, service, and ease of purchase, that ensures on time delivery, complete satisfaction with their vehicle's accessories, and years of happy ownership? They are if your dealership has established a mutually beneficial relationship with a SEMA Pro restyler.

SEMA Pro, sell with confidence!

We all know the scenario. Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public walk toward your main entrance, and they're interested in a vehicle you have in stock, but it doesn't have all the right equipment, or the trim level within their budget prevents them from getting the options they want. Time to create a vehicle that meets their needs.

When the topic of accessories surfaces, some salespeople head straight for the hills, hoping their client won't make this deal any more complicated, while other sales people, confident in their aftermarket vendor, and their vendor's products and service, seize every opportunity to sell high quality, and profitable aftermarket accessories. After all, it's all about the accessories! The only difference between the two types of salespeople is confidence. Sales people and dealerships with confidence in what their selling, sell more of it, make more deals that might not have been made, and ultimately make more money.

“My client was leaving to purchase a vehicle down the street that had blind spot sensors, our car didn't have them. I was able to transfer my confidence in the aftermarket sensors to the customer, and sold a car that I wouldn't have otherwise sold.” Jack Flowers, Suntrup Kia, St. Louis, Missouri. Which side of the equation are you and your dealership on?

In the world of aftermarket accessories, there's about as much difference between a SEMA Pro restyler and Bart's Bumper Sticker Bonanza, as there is between your franchised new car dealership and Rhashid's Rent-a-Wreck. The difference is night and day. Knowing the benefits of using a SEMA Pro restyler, the quality and reliability of their products, their warranty, their extensive training and certification, and their customer satisfaction, can make a huge difference the next time you and your client create a vehicle that's right for them.

SEMA Pro difference

  • Local ownership, national network
  • 3yr/36,000 mile warranty
  • ASE certified installers
  • High quality product offering
  • Stable and proven manufacturing partners
  • Membership in Metro Dealership Association
  • Sales training, marketing materials, communications
  • Sufficient liability insurance
  • Community partner

Know your partners, great products, great people, good business

What do you want in a partner, supplier, or vendor? Does your current relationship meet those expectations? Are their installers ASE certified, and how many years experience to they have? Are your sales people properly trained on selling the features and benefits of their products? What's been your aftermarket experience through the years, and what would you like it to be? Do you trust your customer satisfaction index to your current vendor? You do if they are a SEMA Pro restyler!

Happy selling!

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We are firm believers that driving should be something you enjoy.  That’s why we are constantly looking for new ways to make you love your travels even more, and we think we’ve done it again!

The SmartNav5 is the latest addition to our growing product line.  It is a fully updateable and digital rearview mirror that supports a brilliant variety of applications.  It will completely revolutionize the way you drive.  That’s not something you hear every day, is it?  The SmartNav5 is loaded with incredible features and below, we highlight five of those features that will forever enhance your driving experience. 

Built-in GPS
Yes, you read that right.  This rearview mirror comes with a built-in GPS.  No more fooling around with power chords and constantly shifting GPS mounts.  No more relying on your phone and data reception to get you from point A to point B (which is dangerous and illegal in some states).  The SmartNav5 GPS includes voice guided directions and 3D mapping.  It also comes preprogrammed with countless points of interest across the country for you serious road trippers.  This is a great feature that is safe, reliable, and will help you navigate your travels.

Bluetooth Connectivity
If you are going to talk on your phone in the car, hands free is the way to be (and required by law in many states).  The SmartNav5 has you covered.  This feature supports Bluetooth 4.0 and will connect to your smart phone seamlessly.  And for those of you still rocking those flip phones, you’re covered too.  This feature will connect to standard cell phones as well.  The SmartNav5 can also download your entire phonebook.  This fantastic rearview mirror will make talking on the phone easy, convenient, and above all, safe.

Music Streaming
Remember that awesome Bluetooth feature we just talked about? There’s more!  The SmartNav5’s Bluetooth technology will allow you to stream music from your smart phone directly in to the sound system of your car.  You can bring your favorite tunes with you wherever you go and play them through your rearview mirror.  How cool is that?  Pretty cool, if you ask us.

E-book Streaming
That same feature that allows you to stream your music will support text to speech, allowing you to stream all of your favorite e-books. This is great for those long commutes or road trips.  You simply download your favorite book to your smart phone and let the SmartNav5 do the rest.  It is a revolutionary way to receive this kind of entertainment in your car. Imagine having the most cutting edge rearview mirror on the market AND being more literate.  Sounds like a win-win to us.

Rear camera
This is another great safety feature of the SmartNav5.  This rear camera activates instantly upon the driver shifting to reverse and provides an HD image in full color.  This can make backing out of those tricky spots much safer and easier.  As an added feature, this rear camera can be installed in the car and be used to monitor young children. Regardless of how you use it, the rear camera is a valuable feature of the SmartNav5.

So there you have it. Five amazing features from the SmartNav5’s long list of features.  Now you can see why we are so excited to offer it.  We weren’t kidding when we said this mirror would revolutionize the way you drive.  It is incredibly versatile and an excellent addition to any car.

Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Of course it does!  How can it not be after reading this post?If it does, ask your trusted dealer about getting one installed!

Want to know more about the amazing SmartNav5?  Leave a question in the comment section below!